About LiveSafe

LiveSafe believes that every individual has a right to feel and be safe at all times. This is a cornerstone of healthy, happy, and productive communities. We act on this belief by creating software that changes the dynamics of how individuals communicate with safety officials, security personnel, and others for improved safety outcomes.

Our “social safety” products allow employees and students to easily connect with corporate security and campus safety, as well as with each other. Passion for building safer communities is in our DNA and we are serious about providing a high quality product that works every time someone needs it.

LiveSafe technology fosters effective safety-related communication via a mobile safety app linked to a cloud-based command dashboard. Through the smartphone app, individuals have real-time access to the help they need at the touch of a button in a convenient, comfortable and discreet way. The goal is for individuals to share information with security personnel and safety officials about sexual assault, mental health issues, and violence — preventing incidents before they occur.

Since going to market, LiveSafe has helped save a student’s life, led police to make several arrests, contributed to an overall 40% reduction in crime at one of their partner schools and prevented an unquantifiable number of other incidents from occurring.

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